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I’m sure some of you are wondering what strange new activity is happening here, and why. Over the past 13 years, I have been running the Community Resource Center at the Briarcliff United Methodist Church. The Center is a support for those with attention and learning differences. As some of you are aware, Briarcliff UMC sold their entire property and closed their doors. It was a sad time, but also meant that I needed to find a new home. After months of investigation, I was still homeless as my “move-out date” loomed in front of me, but with God’s infinite wisdom, I began dialogue with the folks here at Brookhaven. I needed a space designed so that I could work with folks individually, provide interaction with families, a space for a lending library as well as a comfortable area in which to host support groups for adults, parents, women who meet to discuss special issues impacting their lives.


Together, with the wonderful folks here at “The Brook”, I have been able to arrange space to provide for these needs. I am tucked into two rooms behind the choir room, and although still somewhat in an unpacking mode, you are welcome to stop by and say hello.


A bit about me:

I am a long-time special educator, beginning my career over 50 years ago. I have degrees from Wittenberg University, Purdue University, and Georgia State University. I have taught, been on staff at the Purdue Achievement Center for Children, worked to develop the evaluation center at the Howard School, for 27 years, was the Director of Lullwater School, a private school for special needs youngsters, and developed the Community Resource Center which provides consultation and strategy building for the attention and learning disability community.


I am looking forward to sharing ideas and programs with you over these coming months.


Joan K. Teach, PhD 404-502-5358

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